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    International trading name: DAI PHUC CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY.
    Abbreviated name: DAIPHUC.,JSC.
    Headquarters: Group 9, Ly Thai To Street, Le Hong Phong Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province.
    Hanoi branch: No. 36, cluster 2, 608 collective quarter, C12- Xen Ngoai 2 Street, Thinh Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City.
    Representative office in Ha Tinh:  Nam Phong Residential Group, Ky Thinh Ward, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province.
    Tel.: 0351. 3 851.369; Fax: 0351. 3 848 600.
    The company has 04 member units, including:
    Ha Tinh  Construction Material Producing and Trading Joint Stock Company.
    Address: Tan Thang Village – Ky Tan Commune- Ky Anh District - Ha Tinh Provice.
    Tel.: 039 6506. 999.
    Dai Phuc Quang Binh Construction Joint Stock Company.
    Address: Len Hung Quarry, Ba Tam Village, Thuan Hoa Commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.
    Tel.: 052 3683 999.
    3. Dai Phuc Song Gianh Construction Company Limited.
    Address: Cuong Trung B village, Tien Hoa Commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.
    Tel.: 052 3670 023.
    4. Duc Long Construction Joint Stock Company.
    Address: Group 10, Le Hong Phong Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province.
    Tel.: 0351.3858.860.
    Email: Xaydungdaiphuc@yahoo.com.vn


    The headquarters of  Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company is located in Phu Ly- Ha Nam 

                Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company was  established on 18/02/2003 under Business Licence No. 0700212306 – Ha Nam Province Department of Planning and Investment. Experiencing the 13-year journey of establishment and development, Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company has been increasingly confirming its position in the field of construction, exploiting minerals, building materials ... across the country.

            In the last years, with sharp thinking, proactivity, creativity and rapid integration with the market mechanism, the Board of Management of the Company always grasped customer demands timely and restructured the fields, industries in the appropriate direction. In the initial period (from 2003 to 2009), the Company focused on the key operation fields such as construction of traffic works, irrigation works; Interior decoration; purchase and sale of construction equipment; leveling, drilling and rock breaking, blasting services, etc. And these are determined as the company’s traditional industries. In this period the company's reputation is associated to many large-scale projects and works, which requires modern high technology, sophisticated construction techniques such as digging work, rock breaking of Son La Hydropower Plant reservoir; work items of Su Pan II  Hydropower project - Lao Cai; construction of TC - VH1 Road, Stage II, Nam Cun Hydropower project - Lao Cai; work items of Ta Thang Hydropower project - Lao Cai; Work items of Minh Luong, Nam Khanh, Ngoi Phat hydropower plants,... (Lao Cai); Drilling, rock breaking, blasting of Cua Dat reservoir project - Thanh Hoa; Dong Vo II quarry project - Quoc Oai (Hanoi); Project for upgrading National Highway 6 (Son La), National Highway 279 (Dien Bien); Pha Din Pass Project (Dien Bien); Nam Dong Hydropower Project (Yen Bai), Nam Pia, Nam Chien Hydropower Projects (Son La); Road to Ang Quan Quarry (Quang Ninh); Road to Nghi Son Cement factory (Thanh Hoa province); Ho Ho Hydropower Project (Quang Binh), etc. along with other scale projects, "Dai Phuc" mark has been made in many regions.




    Construction of  Su Pan 2  Hydropower Project - Lao Cai


    Lai Chau Hydropower Project - Lao Cai

    Ta Thang Hydropower Project - Lao Cai           
     Since 2010, grasping market demand, Board of Management of the Company has been brave to expand the operation scope to the field of mineral exploitation such as exploitation of rocks, construction materials; limestone and dolomite products as metallurgical additives; limestone, dolomite powder for aquaculture, etc. This is considered as an important turning point, creating a new breakthrough in the formation and development history of the Company.
               After five years of putting into operation, it can be said that mineral exploitation has become the key and potential field of the company. It is possible to mention 3 typical quarries with large investment scope, area and mining reserves such as Con Tria Quarry (Ky Anh District - Ha Tinh); Len Hung Quarry (Thuan Hoa - Tuyen Hoa - Quang Binh) and Song Gianh Quarry (Tien Hoa – Tuyen Hoa - Quang Binh) with its annual turnover of up to hundreds of billion dong. Combining with the system of modern equipment and technical lines, the Company has provided the market with quality products, trusted to use by partners, customers. In the construction field, there are products: Type A Base stone; Type B Base stone; A, B, C, D, E type Rip rap; 4x6 stone; 2x4 stone; 1x2 stone; 0,5x1 stone, etc. In the field of metallurgical additives, with outstanding products such as limestone, dolomite in sizes:0.125 -5 mm, 40 - 80mm; in the form of powder for aquaculture, etc.
            Operating under the parent company - Subsidiary model, Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Corporation has 4 member companies: Ha Tinh  Construction Material Producing and Trading Joint Stock Company; Dai Phuc Quang Binh Construction Joint stock company; Dai Phuc Song Gianh Construction Company Limited; Duc Long Construction Joint stock Company. In 13 years of formation and development, whether operating in any field or any business lines, the Corporation always defines confidence with customers, takes the element of "reputation, quality" to build its image. Thereby, the Company has expanded cooperation and confirmed its brand, trusted, established a sustainable cooperation relationship by customers. To get that result, the Corporation has continuously promoted investment, technological cooperation and applied a lot of advanced technologies to its production, namely:
                 + Ha Tinh  Construction Material Producing and Trading Joint Stock Company with total investment of 280 billion dong and mine area and production area of up to 30 hectares, and line, including 3 Korea crushing plants of type of 350 tons/hour

    Pit of Con Tria Quarry - Ha Tinh  Construction Material Producing and Trading JSC
    Construction stone processing activity at Con Tria Quarry


    Korea Crushing plant of type of 350 tons/hour 

    Furukawa 1200DS, 1200ED, 1500ED hydraulic drilling machines

    Hitachi, sumitomo, komatsu, caterphiller excavator
    + Dai Phuc Quang Binh Construction Joint Stock Company has total investment of 250 billion dong on total area of 20 hectares, including 01 Korea crushing plant of type of 450 tons/hour, 01 rock processing factory

               Limestone and Dolomite  Processing Factory – Dai Phuc Quang Binh Construction JSC 

    Crushing plant 450 tons/hour under operation

    Particle, powder separator 

    Vibrating Sifter System


    + Dai Phuc Song Gianh Construction Company Limited has total investment of 200 billion dong, divided into 2 stages:
    - Stage 1: Invest 50 billion dong in construction of warehouses, port system;
    - Stage 2: 150 billion dong invested in construction of a factory.

                   Besides, Dai Phuc Song Gianh Construction Company Limited is located next to Gianh River bank, combined with a transshipment area for transporting limestone and dolomite at Hon La Port - Quang Binh, which has brought about tremendous advantages in terms of waterway trade.

    In addition, all member companies have the same synchronous mining and producing equipment system, and a fleet of transportation vehicles of more than 30 pieces; office area, management house; comfortable housing system, clean public kitchen, meeting full material and spiritual life of workers.
                In addition to a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic, active and creative employees and technicians of more than 300 people, the Corporation keeps on developing policies to attract talents and performs attractive remuneration policies for employees. Inheriting and promoting its achievements, Dai Phuc Construction Joint stock Corporation constantly innovates and improves machine and equipment system, manpower and materials to continue bringing its brand, reputation, image to new height and confirming its position across the country and region./
                                                                                                                                           PV. Thùy An
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