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    Vision, Mission and Core Value
    1. Vision

                  By pioneering aspirations and investment - sustainable development strategy, Dai Phuc.,JSC  selects the field of exploiting minerals, building materials as the main industry to strive to become one of the strongest companies of the whole country.

    2. Mission and Core Value

             * For market, customers: Supply high quality products – services, ensuring to be on schedule. Besides its outstanding quality value, every product – service is highly aesthetic in order to satisfy customers’ legitimate needs.
             * For shareholders, partners:  Heighten mutual development cooperation spirit in order to become " Companion No. 1 " of partners and stakeholders; increase new attractive and sustainable investment values.
             * For employees: Build a professional, dynamic, creative and
    humane work environment; implement appropriate material and spiritual compensation.
             * For society: 
    Harmonize business benefits and social benefits; contribute positively to community-oriented activities, demonstrate civic responsibility spirit and nation pride.

    3. Development Orientation
              - Dai Phuc.,JSC takes key production and business field such as exploitation of minerals, building materials, metallurgical additives as foundation to develop the entire system. 
              - With its experience and reputation in the market, the company will focus all resources to maintain and occupy local and export market, strive to become the first choice of customers in the mining field.
              - Dai Phuc.,JSC constantly improves management methods and enhances qualifications of officers and staff, capacity of machines and equipment and innovate manufacturing technology to improve the quality for each product.
              - In addition, the Company will also conduct joint venture, association with other partners in order to exploit parties’ advantages and strengths in the spirit of cooperation and mutual development.   

    4. Human Resource Capacity

             - Management and technical personnel of Dai Phuc., JSC is a professional experienced team, full of enthusiasm, who is creative and open-minded. Key personnels are trained basically and undergo a lot of practical experiences. Employees are growing in quantity and being improved in quality, expertise, trained locally and abroad.
             - The most important asset of Dai Phuc., JSC is human, enthusiasm and determination to jointly establish. Corporate culture is the top criteria for evaluating employees of Dai Phuc., JSC.
             - Effort of Phuc Dai., JSC and each member of the company is to study, train constantly to adapt and master technology, machines and equipment in order to meet the increasing requirements of customers 

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