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    Open Letter
    Open Letter of Chairman of Board of Management

                   First of all, on behalf of the Leadership of Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company (Dai Phuc.,JSC),  let me offer customers, shareholders and all employees of the Company my sincerest  greetings and thanks.
               Excellencies, Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company was established under Business License No. 0700212306  dated 18 February 2003 of Ha Nam Province Department of Planning and Investment. Experiencing the journey of 13 years of formation and development, the company has been increasingly confirming its position in the field of construction, exploitation of minerals and building materials throughout the country. The company’s strength is to gather more than 300 employees, including engineers, technicians, professionals, bachelor of science, and  crowded skilled workers and modern, synchronous production lines and equipment. Promoting its strength and overcoming challenges, Dai Phuc.,JSC  is taking solid steps to confirm its position in local and foreign markets. Achieving such achievement is thanks to your belief and cooperation, efforts of the system of employees of the entire company. On behalf of the Leadership of Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company , allow me to offer the most sincere thankyou to you. 
               In the next development stage of the company, it is sure not to avoid challenges, the company’s leadership hope that it will continue to receive your belief and cooperation as well as the unanimous efforts of all employees to build  Dai Phuc., JSC together to be worthy of one of the leading enterprises of the whole country.

                 Currently, for the field of mineral exploitation,  Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company has product segments:
    1) Building stone processing segment consists of products:
    - Stone 5 – 10mm
    Stone 5 – 25mm
    Stone 10 – 20mm
    Stone 20 – 40mm
    Stone 40 – 80mm
    - Chippings stone 0 – 5mm
    Stone Base
    Stone Su Base
    2) Segment of processing ore raw materials for metallurgy, glass, including aquaculture: 
       * Limestone ore has products: 
    - Size 0,125 – 5mm
    - Size 10 – 40mm
    - Size 40 – 80mm
      * Dolomite stone ore has  products: 
    - Size 0,125 – 5mm
    - Size 10 – 40mm
    - Size 40 – 80mm
      Limestone powder, dolomite powder products size 0 - 0,12mm
      * Burned limestone, burned dolomite  Products : size 05 – 50mm
     3) Segment of rock used as raw materials for production of cement:
    - Size 05 – 25mm
    - Size 05 – 30mm
    - Size 10 – 40mm
    - Size 10 – 60mm
    4) Limestone powder and Dolomite stone used in processing products of brick factories 
                 If you have demands, please contact Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company. We are honored to serve and meet all requirements of customers in local and export markets.

                                                                                                               Chairman of Board of Management

                                                                                                                      Bui Ngoc Am
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