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    DAIPHUC.,JSC leave the 9th shipment to Bangladesh
    DAIPHUC.,JSC leave the 9th shipment to Bangladesh
    DAIPHUC.,JSC leave the 9th shipment to Bangladesh

               After landing at Vung Ang Port ( Ha Tinh ) at 1p.m on May 12th , Sabrina I Vessel (Panama nationality, length 190 meters, width 32.25 meters) will bring more than 40.000 tons of crushed stone to the final port in Bangladesh. This is the 9th shipment of DAIPHUC.,JSC in 2017.


    ( Sabrina I Vessel being loaded at Vung Ang Port and it is going to weighing anchor on May 18th.)

              This is the 9th shipment, carrying crushed stone that company has successfully exported since the begining of 2017 till now. The 10th shipment is expected to land Vung Ang Port on May 20th.
              According to the deputy director of company - Mr. Do Hong Phu said:” To reach out to export market, our company has fearlessly invested, synchronized production line, focused on improving productivity and product’s quality, met the strict requirements of customers, ensured that cargo sold to customers are of the best quality and the most competitive price.”

             Currently, when Formosa project completed step I, demand of use stone at Ky anh, Ha Tinh is basically very low. Many mine owner in this area has temporarily stopped operation due to no orders, while DAIPHUC.,JSC choosed to approach export market. This is a “wise” choice of the union leadership. It’s not only restore stone market which is considered to be freezing in a long time, but also can solve the problem of employment for thousands of workers at local, bring revenues significantly for local authority. Not any business also enough “ability”, “responsibility” and “scale” like DAIPHUC JSC.

              Photo series about loading cargo on Sabrina I Vessel of DAIPHUC JSC


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