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    Many ballast shipments are exported from Vung Ang Port to Bangladesh
    After Hua Ming Vessel (Flag State of ship: Panama) left Vung Ang port and carried 25,000 tons of ballasts in the afternoon of 18 December, Vung Ang port continued to load shipment of more than 40,000 tons of ballasts onto Crown Voyager Vessel to Bangladesh.
                 Although three first shipments are under test (3rd shipment is expected to be implemented in January 2017), but happiness is evident on the faces of concerned people.
    Loading ballasts 1x2cm onto the vessel with flag state of Panama

          The extremely favorable beginning (weather, products and means of transport ensured...), promises a good hunch. If everything takes place as planned, a great opportunity will open to many enterprises, and "icebreak" ballast production market which actually falls into difficult-to-sell condition in recent time.

             In addition to supplementing goods shortage (equal to approximately 70% compared to 2015) for Vung Ang port, foreign currency revenue will be quite large for Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces. Because as calculated, Bangladesh needs millions of tons of 1x2cm ballasts to build infrastructure works.

             Foreseeing the need of the market of exporting to Bangladesh, Dai Phuc Construction Joint stock Company is a pioneer in the area of supplying two first shipments, taken from Con Tria quarry (Ky Tan, Ky Anh, Ha Tinh) and Len Hung Quarry (Thuan Hoa and Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh).

             “Quality of two these quarries is equivalent to each other and their reserves are also huge, meeting partners’needs. All things are in the front therefore, we can not confirm anything. This is a great opportunity, therefore, we hope that functional industries create best conditions so that stakeholders complete their duties."- Director of Dai Phuc Construction Joint Stock Company, Bui Ngoc Am emphasizes.

              With all efforts of its Leadership, Dai Phuc Construction Joint stock Company as well as interest of functional industries will facilitate businesses to escape this difficult stage and  promise a lot of opportunities so that business continues developing and creates many jobs for locals.

    Write by: Ms. Thao

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